Aekyung Petrochemical Co. Ltd

Project Description

It is usually said that the petrochemical industry is oversupplied; hence it needs to be restructured.
Here is a fact: there is no industry where demand exceeds supply. Indeed, competition is the unavoidable destiny of every business establishment. Another fact: we are always looking for new strategies in order to survive in the fierce competitive market; we grow with a constant desire for innovation.

AKP is the leading company of creative thinking.

We consider our organization as a living organism, seeking to adapt and survive in the ever changing environment. To do so, we keep our eyes on the current issues to manage change and forecast what others cannot. We do not sit back and take our company’s vision for granted. Instead of dreaming about a rosy future, we invent it.

Our customers are our Raison d etre. The top priorities of our agenda are set to respond effectively to their expectations. We put all our efforts to make our clients comfortable. AKP organizational systems are aligned with the purpose to provide excellence in customer service.

Project Details

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