Kumho P&B

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Kumho P&B, better known by its acronym, KPB, specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of phenols, acetones, MIBK, BPA, and epoxy resins, which are basic chemicals required in diverse industrial fields such as electric and electronic production, pharmaceuticals, and paints. The company is an offshore joint venture created by the joint investment of Kumho Petrochemical of Korea and Nippon Steel Chemical Company of Japan.

Having launched the business of manufacturing phenols and acetones in 1976, KPB went on to expand its phenol and acetone factory in 1990 with its new technology that it imported from UOP of the United States. With this technology imported from the Shell Group of the Netherlands, the company also launched its factory for BPA, MIBK, and epoxy resin production the following year. In response to the rapidly growing demand worldwide, KPB teamed up with Idemitsu Chemicals of Japan to launch a new and bigger BPA factory in BPA. In 2005, KPB again worked with UOP to launch its new global factory specializing in the manufacturing of cumene, phenols, and acetones.

KPB has successfully localized the production of a wide range of petrochemicals that are needed for Korean industries. By supplying its quality goods in a reliable manner, the company has helped Korea improve its trade balance and exports, thus making major contributions to the continued advancement of the Korean petrochemical industry.

Based on its partnerships with leading chemical producers worldwide, KPB continues to adopt new and evolving technologies and expand its global network of production and distribution, and is now emerging as a new leader of the global chemical market.

The company strives to minimize the cost and maximize quality through continued automation and innovation of quality control. Its well-organized management information systems enable the company to streamline and rationalize management processes, and devote its energy to ensuring industrial safety, ecological integrity, and human resources development.

Through these and other efforts for continued innovation, KPB will continue to enrich the future and lives of humankind.

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